How to Become the Footballer You Have Always Wished To Be

Football has been a popular sport in Europe since inception. However, it has recently gained popularity all over the world. If you wish to have more knowledge about football or you an aspiring footballer, then this article will prove to be very helpful. Enjoy reading and try to implement the tips given below.advice for footballer


If you would like to be a successful footballer, you should work on improving your agility. Your speed is really important when it comes to football; teamwork and good reading of the game are important elements of the game but agility is what sets you apart. You can improve your agility by jumping rope, jumping over small objects and exercising through tires placed in alternating patterns.

You should not get obsessed with adding more weight. Many people think that adding more weight makes one a great football player; but this may end up making you slow and fatty. The most important thing is body conditioning. If you really need to ton up a little, consider adding weight on gradually with a good exercise program.

While playing, it is good to stick to your position and roles. Everyone in the team is assigned a position to play in, make sure you know what is expected of you and stick to it. Failing to follow-through with your role, may end costing your team and you may end up losing your position to someone else.

You should always focus on helping other players in your team. Football requires players to work as a team for better results and collective play. If you lose, you lose as a team and if you win, you also win as a team. If you learn to support your teammates and they reciprocate the same, then confidence grows; confidence leads to better results.

Another way of learning new techniques is by watching related videos. You can view videos of players, current and former, who have played in your position. This is very important since you can watch every skill they exhibit and also learn how to customize the techniques to suit your team and personal abilities.

It is recommendable to start playing football at a level you are confident in and one that you can enjoy. If you start playing with a team that plays at a higher level, then you will find it difficult to enjoy and your confidence will be dealt a blow. However, if you begin at a very low level, there will be no clear chance of learning anything new.

You have to learn to improve your balance while playing football. This is because balance is an asset when it comes to facing opponents. If you need to run past an opponent, then you need utmost balance to pass the ball and evade a tackle from the opposing player. This makes it easier to dribble past opponents and also to avoid getting into fouls.

I believe after reading this guide, you have better understanding of the game of football. It is a simple game to understand, play and even train but you must learn the basics. As earlier mentioned, you can also increase your skills by watching related videos. This will help you improve on the overall understanding of the game and the demands of every position.