What to Do For Fun in Devon

Devon is well known as one of the major tourist attraction sites in England. Every year thousands of tourists, both local and international visit this area to have a taste of the numerous fun and adventures it has to offer. There are many outdoor activities Devon that people can participate in and feel nature at its best. If you visit this county, the best advice would be getting out there and have a taste of what nature can offer. You can decide to cycle along the south west coastline or take a horse ride through the Haldon Forest Park across Dart moor national park. This article will guide you what to do for fun while in Devon.

What to Do For Fun in DevonIf you love experimenting on water, then you are in for one massive experience. If you are the adventurous type who are not scared of waves or the deep ends then this is for you. There are many water sports especially in south Devon. They are all exciting, different and adventurous. You can choose to go surfing in the winds, sailing across the coast lines, paddle boarding while standing, and sea kayaking and even canoeing. There are numerous water sports you can engage, and if you are the brave types you can for bigger challenges that require utmost courage and determination to pull through.

If you do not love experimenting on the water, you can instead have fun by the water. You can go watching, watch the stunning coastlines, and have a moment to appreciate Devon’s rivers and estuaries. You can also go fishing in the afternoon, if you have both rod and some bait. There are also numerous beaches that you can go basking and relax. The beach offers both family and personalized environment to enjoy what the ocean has to offer.

If you do not love water activities, you can instead go for an experience that is less aquatic. There are many lush green golf courses that you can go golfing and enjoy putting all day long. You can even take a bike ride if you love cycling. You can also go rock climbing; this can be a good challenge to stiffen up your muscles a little bit. There are some limestone quarries that you can test your rock climbing skills.

If you love sliding along the zip wires, there are also many resorts that provide zip challenges and tours. It helps push your adrenaline and you can have fun seeing people get scared while taking the zip lines. If you love archery, there are beautiful meadows that are set for just that, offering both indoor and outdoor experience.

If you plan to visit Devon for your vacation, there is one thing you can be sure of; you will not be disappointed. This guide highlights several things you can do outdoors but there are many more. If you are planning to visit, be ready for a life time experience and adventure.